I have been with Hudson Digital indirectly for 4-6 months (depends how you count - I explain below).

In March 2006 I was looking for a collocation place and through a partner I found it at http://www.hudsondigital.net .

As my partner didnt have enough technical background to answer my technical questions and it took him longer than I am willing to wait I decided to contact Hudson Digital directly and see how it goes.

Turns out their response was often even slower then his.

>> So the bottleneck was actually Hudson Digital. <<

I had a special setup in mind. Server rented, collocated and my HDD's.

Hudson Digital was friendly enough (in the beginning) to answer my questions. They were nowhere near fast but eventually an answer would come the same day.

The setup alone took almost 2 months (getting the HDD shipped, replaced the old HDD, installing OS etc.)

I was kind of relaxed about that, (usually it doesnt take so long for me to get a server up, but things can take time if it is in a foreign place.)

Anyway, the place itself is technically actually perfectly equipped (or so I thought)

Equinix DC
KVM over IP
web based power switch
Ups and the usual bells and whistles

>> The very moment the basic OS was installed they basically told me off <<

Hudson Digital told me that basically the support questions should be answered by my partner or whoever I am collocating the machine with through Hudson digital at Equinix in/near new York.

One day, I did tweak my OS kernel settings. That must have trigerred a kernel panic.
having setup the machine as software Raid 1 I didnt find a way to get the machine back up, besides having all the above equipment at hand.

I actually needed onsight service.

So I send an e-mail to hudson digital - no answer
I send the e-mail, again - no answer
I contacted the guy who I initally got in contact with about Hudson Digital, also he got no answer.

We were waiting a day, a week, a month, 3 months

This is when I decided to pull a plug on the server and post my review at WHT.
I am patiened, I can wait but whats to much is to much.

I do believe Hudson Digital has a real problem towards customer support.
Anybody considering them should VERY CAREFULLY review the info (s)he got about them.

I can and certainly will NOT RECOMMEND them anymore and I wanted to make sure others know about it.

This is the first time ever that I post a negative review, but I do feel this was a necessary thing to do.

Anybody out there, hope you have nice service providers and appreciate their support response times.

Best regards