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    * ** Sell your Company :: Buy a hosting Company Current Listings **

    Aditz, LLC has launched, a Web Hosting Business Brokerage Firm. Hostbuyout has services available for both those who are looking to sell their hosting company as well as the parties interested in acquiring web hosting companies for sale.

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    Interested in Selling your Hosting Company?: is a full service Business Brokerage firm focusing solely on the web hosting industry. We have a full range of services available for companies of any size. Contact us today for further information, [email protected].

    Services include:

    Buyer Discovery/Recruitment We will actively seek a qualified buyer for your company.

    Buyer Screening We will bring only qualified buyers to the purchasing table through
    the use of background/credit checks for those wishing to participate in the bidding

    Closed Auction - We will host a closed auction, meaning all bids and bidders remain
    private (except the current high bid) until we have a winning bid.

    Document Services - We will provide templates for asset purchase, non-disclosure
    agreements. (Please note these are only templates, you should always consult an attorney).

    Escrow Service - Once a bid is accepted and an agreement reached between the
    buyer/seller, we will act as an escrow to protect both the buyer and seller.

    Please see our website for further details on our services:

    Please contact [email protected] with any further questions.

    Looking to purchase a web hosting company?:

    Receive the most up to date listings of web hosting companies for sale by signing up for FREE at our website today!

    For those of you who have already registered at our site, we are in the completing stages of our login section where you can view and receive additional information on all current listings. We will email you once this is completed (very shortly)

    Current Listings:

    For further information on any of these listings, please email [email protected] and we will provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.

    #1: A large 3 year old web hosting company with over 2,200 clients. Currently grossing over $26,000 per month with a large number of additional assets (valued at $170,000) and a very large profit margin (~83%). The large majority of clients are shared hosting clients on cPanel accounts (~1,600 shared hosting clients). There are also VPS clients (~500) and Reseller clients (~112). Please contact us for further information.

    Asking Price: $500,000

    #2: 9 Year old, well-established cPanel based shared hosting company with 882 clients for sale. The company is currently grossing over $175,000 in yearly revenue. The company comes with additional assets valued at over $30,000; please contact us for further details and an exact list.

    Asking Price: $185,000

    #3: Reputable shared cPanel hosting provider with 721 clients for sale. The company is currently grossing over $93,000 in yearly revenue. Additional assets are included in the sale; please contact us for additional information.

    Asking Price: $110,000

    Please register on our site to receive the latest listings of web hosting companies for sale!

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks again, we look forward to working with you soon!

    [email protected]

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    They do not reply even to emails, I wonder how can they sell $100k companies...

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    signed up for your service a number of days ago. Got confirmation of the signup. Nothing since and no ideal how to login and see your offerings.
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    I got a confirmation, and confirmed it. No idea how to login.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven
    I got a confirmation, and confirmed it. No idea how to login.
    same here but it said you will recieve email sortly with information on what to do next. Nothing yet.

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    same for me - looks like some scam - been waiting 3 days

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    Hey Guys,

    It's definitely not a scam. We're in the completion stage of our login system. With this system, you will be able to login and see the current listings, view additional information and ask questions about all of the listings.

    We are looking to have this completed within the next couple days, it's just the final touches left. We have everyone in a system and we will send out an email notifying everyone who signed up once the login system is available and your login information.

    Please email us at [email protected] with any questions or to request additional information, we'd be happy to answer your questions.


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    I can verify its not a scam, I signed up and received the emails.
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    yes i did the same 1 week ago and i heard from him within 6 hours, with all the info we need to proceed with a purchase,

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    There is another site like your that has started recently i dont remember url if i find it i let you know

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    hopefully comes through a smentioned, would be nice to have a steady supply of clients

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwb
    I can verify its not a scam, I signed up and received the emails.
    Second that. Having worked with them on many past occasions, I can say with certainty that these guys know what they are doing...
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