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    Money Management Software

    Hey guys and girls,

    I'm just curious to hear what types of software applications you guys use to manage your books and keep track of payments, etc....

    I have a fresh copy of MB5 I plan to transfer over all my accounts to as soon as I feel it is good enough to go live in a production env, so if you have software that hooks up nicely to MB, that would be nice to hear as well.

    I figure the bulk of you are probably using Quicken, but I'm just wondering.

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    I've been using Microsoft Money for 3 years, buy new version each time. Versions 5 and 6 are almost alike, both user-friendly, rich in features with on-line support, but only for 2 years, this is how they make you buy new versions. I'm getting automatic updates on me credit and bank accounts.

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    I use quickbooks online often.
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    MYOB - Mind Your Own Business.

    or Excel

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    Believe it or not, QuickBooks Simple Start is actually working for us because we run things so simply. Our business is not complicated, so it really does work well. And it's not very expensive either!
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    We use QuickBooks Online Edition. Very nice because I can work in the books anywhere, and I don't have to worry about backing up...
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    If you want to use an online program i know a really really good one this is superb its like quick books but online and its so smooth

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    ModernBill is a good software to keep a good track of your books.

    It's a good software with good compatibility with the servers and its control panel. ModernBill is the most widely used softwares.

    Thank you.


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    We use multiple items We use Modernbill for the Cpanel/WHM plesk servers that pay through paypal. All those reccords get exported into our quickbooks and we have an in-house development that takes care of everything else. Checks/Wires etc... Makes life a lot easier.

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    im using excel

    then again i dont have very many transactions....

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    I use Quickbooks Pro great piece of software

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