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    Anyone else having problems with 1and1 MS Hosting

    I have 7 sites hosted by 1and1, 4 of which are hosted in a “Developer” Microsoft package. 3 are Linux hosted. After 3 years of blissful uneventfulness, the 4 sites in the MS Hosting package are undergoing chronic problems where the ASP and FrontPage do not work, and it takes typically 3 days and five LONG waits on hold for the problem to be fixed.

    This has now happened 6 times in 5 weeks. Since one of my sites uses FrontPage for navigation and the others have ASP newsfeeds pages, this is a serious problem.

    Am I alone? Has anyone made contact with anyone at 1and1 who can gets things fixed so that they stay fixed?


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    1and1 scam

    I purchased an account with 1and1 with nothing mentioned anywhere when I bought this and moved about 20 sites over to them.

    Of course there is a disk quota and mine is 100GB plan and I'm only using 2Gb of it. But.... There is a file quota as well. I've reached mine at 2GB. No matter what plan you have, you are only allowed to have about 260,000 files on the server. I use a lot of PHP scripts and using only 2GB of the 100GB, I only have 51,000 files left to use now.

    Once you reach that limit all your sites won't work any more.
    Their only solution is for you to buy a dedicated server at $99 a month but they don't have any more to sell they said today. So, now I'm forced to find a new host again. What a scam!!!!

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    Please post the name of your choice to replace 1and1

    I definitely will be replacing 1and1, at least for some of my sites. My big issue is newsletters. I have one client who emails out 3,000 a coupkle of times a week. Need to make sure that the replacement is newsletter-friendly.

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    I'm looking too!

    Let me know if you find something.

    In two years I have moved from Godaddy ( file permission problems and expensive at the time ), Vizaweb ( always down, otherwise I would've stayed with full control), now I've gotta move from 1and1.

    Does anybody offer price, reliability, user control, and no file limits, domains linked directly to directories?????? If so, I will stay with you for life!

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    Frontpage is the Devil
    Ive seen nothing but problems trying to use it.
    I stick with notepad, and raw ASP or PHP code

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