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    Own web hosting help...

    I want to host my own website.... Can we setup a server in our home to do that.....What's the limit of webspace we can get ??? Does it depend on our hard disk space ???

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    Yes, the space and bandwidth depends on the server hard drive space and the internet connection limit.

    But I do want to warn you, that it will cost you more in power bills and headache to run that server than it will to just get shared hosting!

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    I'm gonna start a website which might need lots of space for picture submission by users etc....... So which host'll provide me with ample webspace & what'll be the rate........

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    It's not the diskspace and bandwidth what should worry you that much gantlet, first need to install apache on your machine, then you will have to worry about the security, then about the electricity bills etc..
    Anyway, you can find like tons of tutorials about installing a server at your own machine all you have to do is search in google or any other search engine and read the tutorials carefully, once you get errors or get stuck somewhere you can bring the topic here again, i belive someone if it has some free time will gladly help you.

    Cheers )

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    Thanx MrRadic & TheLaw for ur valuable advices........What do u think abt They r givin' 200 GB space for $11.99/month......

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    I am currently hosting my website at home and it is a real pain. It was fun to setup and make it happen but you will need a separate computer with either windows server or apache. Then you will need to make sure you have a static ip so people can find you on the internet or you will have to use a service to do it. There is also alot of security, people with servers get hacked. I would suggest if you do it, do get a hardware firewall. I use a netscreen firewall, I hope this helps. Currently I am in the process of finding a host to put my site on there, as I am tired of dealing with it at home.

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