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    Own web hosting help......

    I want to host my own website.... Can we setup a server in our home to do that.....What's the limit of webspace we can get ??? Does it depend on our hard disk space ???

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    yes you can setup a web server in your home, but generally speaking, your going to have insufficient badnwidth resources to effictively host your site. Web Space does depend on the size of the hardrive.

    If your just putting up some HTML files, you'd be fine with like 10MB of space.

    However, I might suggest that you purchase a web hosting package from someone so you don't have to do anythign but upload your site. You can find decent packages for $5/month.

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    Yes, space depends on what you have available on your server.

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    I would look into your ISP TOS too. I did that and got into trouble. Not all ISP's let you setup web servers from home.
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    Some ISPs these days are offering 30mbit connections for $40/month... more than sufficient bandwidth.
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