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    Is there a catch to the 97$ off Promo at Dreamhost?

    I went to and got a promo from a friend that gives me 97$ off. Im sure many people have heard of this promo, but i was wondering what is the catch to this 97$.

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    as far as im aware there isnt any catch

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    It costs about 100 bucks to get a customer in this industry, a lot of companies have referral programs that pay about this. Dreamhost just lets that money go to the customers sometimes (ie this example) instead of the referree. The only catch would be it's for the first year only. Renewals at are regular prices.

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    well do u have to renew ?

    i dont think that would be required

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    actually come to think of it i think on their referral program the affilate gets to give up to $97 off their hosting, if say for example they(affilate) decide to give $50 off they (affilate) gets the other $47

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    if you mean renew as in renew your hosting after your month/yea is up you dont haveto but you can

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    lol i dont understand.. just tell me if there is a catch or not .. and that i get everything it says for 97$ of the price if i type in the promo

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    no catch, just don't forget that after those 12 months you have to pay more if you don't cancel
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    k, so if I buy and type in the promo. That 97$ will never come back to haunt me lol

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    Well.. that's depend of what kind of service do you want, do a search about dreamhost in this forum before sign up, even with that big discount
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    not as far as i know

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    yea do all the research on dreamhost before purchasing... esp if your site does a lot of traffic ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siropel
    no catch, just don't forget that after those 12 months you have to pay more if you don't cancel
    Just to clarify that, you have to remember: the $97 off is when you purchase a plan that is billed annually. That means that a year from now you might be a little upset when you see that $120+ charge on your card.

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