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    Supermicro MB H8DA8-2 ?


    I am trying to buy a Supermicro Mb, H8DA8-2 (because it has dual opteron capability, fits in their 3U 14 scsi drive chassis and has built in 256mbyte raid support), but I have called all the companies I could find on the internet and nobody has it on stock. Hoping that somabody can help me to find and purchase one I am waiting for your answer.
    Also, if u thing there is another MB that can replace this model, pls let me know.

    Thank you for your time and your help.

    Have a great day,


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    I'm going to guess you tried:


    I've bought all my Supermicro boards through those 2 vendors.

    Too bad you didn't say H8DA8. (no -2) I have one i've been trying to get rid of a while.

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