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    Security on Windows server

    Hello everyone!

    I'm not very familiar with Windows web server security, so I wanted to ask you few things what would be good & suggestions for it.

    What software do you suggest for antivirus/firewall on win2k3 server?
    How does ISA work on win2k3 web server? I heard that ISA has troubles on such servers because it's checking everything up & slowing down the server in whole. Getting millions of hits on website, & ISA checking them all in that case could even make a website not loading at all for some visitors?
    Beside closing all ports except the generaly used ones, firewall & AV, what would be good for protection of win2k3 servers?


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    other than the tutorials from trau, u should take into consideration of the NTFS permission, tighten the permission of the system command such as cmd.exe,telnet.exe...etc
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