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    Creative Zen Vision: M concern

    My players been messed up for about a week now. One day I switched it on and the pixels are incredibly mashed, making anything on the screen unreadable. Trust me I really looked after it well, to the point of using both a case and a screen protector. I E-Mailed Creative around 5 days ago but am yet to receive a reply I've tried their support forums but it's pretty much the same. I've only had the player for 1.5 months and the warranty is still active. I've looked on the site for a phone number but it points me towards E-Mail support, which I've tried multiple times. Any advice?

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    U.S. 408-428-6600
    Tech Support 405-742-6655
    Customer Service 800-998-1000

    Might not help you in the UK but that's all I could find.

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