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    How long does a domain name stay on redemption period?

    Hi all

    There is a domain name I'm interested in that's on "Redemption period" right now when I search them up on Whois. I think this means that the registration expired and is waiting for the previous owner to re-register. How long is this grace period typically?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Read on ICANN's website about Redemption Grace Period


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    Each registrar is different. ICANN's Redemption Grace Period (30 days) and Pending Delete status (5 days) are generally adhered to, but can be changed by the registrar if they so decide because they've already paid the registrar for the year's renewal. also the Renewal Grace Period which begins with expiry and ends with the start of the Redemption Grace Period varies from registrar to registrar (from 0 to as much as 35 days). You will need to read the ToS of the registrar where the domain is registered.
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    Generally speaking, a domain name on redemption period will stay that way for 30
    days from its last updated date. If its last updated date is Oct. 20 at 2:30 EST, it'll
    remain that way approximately up to Nov. 20 at 2:30 EST.

    Note that the last registered name holder has one last chance of redeeming it in
    those 30 days. The status might say something like "about to be restored" if such
    a request has been made by its last sponsoring registrar.

    If the domain name's not redeemed within that period, that's when it switches to
    pending delete for 5 days based on the last updated date and time as well. Note
    I'm referring to .com domain names solely for this discussion.

    Since you mentioned it's on redemption period, I won't need to go into detail the
    the sponsoring registrar's policies on how they treat expired names before they
    "let them go".

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