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    * Summer Reseller Plan

    Hello! We recently upgraded our backbone connection with the addition of a DS-3 to TouchAmerica in Portland, OR via Boise, ID. We have deliberately provisioned this line through Boise, ID instead of Spokane, WA to provide physical path redundancy for our backbone connectivity. It resides on a SONET ring that loops through WA, ID, and OR. If there is a problem on the line towards Boise, ID, the line would be transparently sent through Spokane, WA instead.

    All of our reseller plans have the listed options with variances in bandwidth represented by price. $24.95 for 20GB of transfer per month, $39.95 for 40GB ... and so on. We have hundreds of international and domestic resellers and take pride in doing anything we can to assist their growth.

    Unlimited Additional Domains
    Automated Instant Additional Domain Setup
    Full Control of DNS information
    Anonymous DNS Servers
    Virtual DNS
    Plesk Control Panel
    Resellers can Private Label the Web Interface
    1GB of Disk Space Resellers may request additional space for free via e-mail.
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited POP3 Accounts
    Web Based Email
    Unlimited Autoresponders
    Unlimited Email Forwarding Accounts
    CGI Bin
    Real Audio/Video Supported
    1998-2002 FrontPage Extensions
    Dedicated IP
    FreeBSD Server (Unix)
    Uninteruptable Power with Generator Backup
    Daily Off-site Data Backups
    24/7 Server Monitoring
    Toll-Free Technical Support
    30 day Money Back Guarantee
    Custom Error Messages (404s, etc.)
    Customizable Shopping Carts
    Real Time Credit Card Processing capable
    Full Access Logs and Web Viewable Statistics
    All client-side technologies supported (Shockwave, Java Script, etc.)
    Same Business Day Free Set-Up

    You may call me at 1-888-509-0025 x112, e-mail, pm or visit our web site ....

    Have a great summer.
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