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    High server loads and hard disk damage ?

    Hello !

    I have a very simple question, but I found nobody who could answer...

    My server backups make my site unavailable for about 2 minutes. This means that the backups and log processing take an enormous amount of both memory and CPU power.
    So I suppose there is an overload/high server load which last about 1 minute and a half...

    Then, I wonder : can this overload cause damage to my hard disk ? (I suppose the hard disk is working a lot at this moment).

    Thank you !

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    It *might* shorten the life of the hard disk a little bit but even a disk that is running flat out 24x7 can fail at any point so I wouldn't worry about it. Least you have backups, but make sure they are kept offsite on say an FTP account from bqbackup in case the hard disk does die
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    If you are concerned about failure it might be worthwhile to invest in a second drive and do mirroring (RAID 1 increases read performance). If the over utilization of your hard drive is actually causing the downtime the mirror will help, as well as add a layer of protection if the first drive fails.. just a thought.

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    if the performance of your server gets *really* bad during disk access, you might not have DMA enabled on your drives. You should look into wether or not DMA is turned on, and if it isn't, turn it on. It makes a huge difference.
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