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    Java based ecommerce engine / shopping cart

    I am looking for a java based ecommerce engine to replace my existing Miva store. I have been looking at ElasticPath and also stumbled across Simplemerce Anyone have any experience with these packages? Are there any suggestions ? Both packages hover round 15,000 rage. Any other places I should be looking for advice. I have a background in Java development, hence the 2 choices but I don't have a lot of experience with ecommerce software.

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    I'm sorry, what is the reason of switching Java based shopping cart?

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    There are a number of reasons, I have a Java development background. Our non store sites will be moving to Java and I am interested in keeping the technology stack consistent across all aspects of our web presence.

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    java based eCommerce / shopping cart

    If you're still looking you might want to try KonaKart. It's free and easily extendable if you know java.

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    ElasticPath is not worth the money. I can't express how bad 2 of the sales people there (I think one of them was the sales manager/VP or something) talked down to me. They implied I was not worthy enough to even discuss their code with them, so I played there game and had to convince them I was worthy just so I could look at a demo. Stay away from them like the plague.

    You can get just as good a code here for $500:

    I run it on shared hosting with 160MB JVM and it works great and is fast. The demo on their website pulls images from another site, so that slows it down a bit.

    Also, don't waste your time with Avetti either, they have like a 16 page chapter on how to add a product... it is ridiculous, I could never figure it out. But you can see a demo for yourself.

    Oh crap I just noticed this thread is like 4 months old! LOL

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