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    Cross Continent Hosting For Same Domain

    I currently have shared hosting setup for my e-commerce website (sw downloads, cc payments, paypal, etc).
    My domain name registrar is different from my webhosting provider.
    Right now, I setup my domain's nameserver to be from the webhosting provider (,

    I'm wondering if I can use two (or even more ) distinct webhosting providers with exactly the same e-commerce website. Just setup my registrar to point to each provider's nameservers (ns1,,,,,, etc.).

    This should provide me with "proper" redundancy for cases like:
    1. Natural disaster affecting my "" webhosting provider (earthquake in California).
    2. Overzealous law enforcement affecting my "" webhosting provider (unplugged servers in Sweden).

    Assuming there's a way to go about achieving the redundancy I desire.
    What's the best way to make the redundancy practical?
    Any suggestions for a European webhosting provider? I currently just use a US based provider.

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    OK, so you want 2 websites with exactly the same content. Correct? This will cause you to get a duplicate content penalty when Google searches both sites. If you don't care about that, then just add more nameservers to you domain at your registrar, pointing to your second website. Then when the first nameservers are unreacheable, they'll be sent to your second website.
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    Thanks stu2 for the warning about Google duplicate content penalty.
    I'm not sure about the implications of such a penalty, but it doesn't sound good :I

    Is there a way to avoid this duplicate content penalty?
    Or can I just put a robot.txt in my "backup" website to disallow google bot duplicate indexing?

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    The robot.txt blocking google is a good idea. Actually, I'd block all search engines. Of course search engines are not obligated to follow robot.txt, but most do.
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