I currently have shared hosting setup for my e-commerce website (sw downloads, cc payments, paypal, etc).
My domain name registrar is different from my webhosting provider.
Right now, I setup my domain's nameserver to be from the webhosting provider (ns1.x.com, ns2.x.com).

I'm wondering if I can use two (or even more ) distinct webhosting providers with exactly the same e-commerce website. Just setup my registrar to point to each provider's nameservers (ns1,x1.com, ns2.x1.com, ns1.x2.com, ns2.x2.com, ns1.x3.com, etc.).

This should provide me with "proper" redundancy for cases like:
1. Natural disaster affecting my "x1.com" webhosting provider (earthquake in California).
2. Overzealous law enforcement affecting my "x2.com" webhosting provider (unplugged servers in Sweden).

Assuming there's a way to go about achieving the redundancy I desire.
What's the best way to make the redundancy practical?
Any suggestions for a European webhosting provider? I currently just use a US based provider.