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    Exclamation RAQ4 - Which IP? Local/Internet ?

    Hello all.
    Just got a problem on the page;

    "Server Management"
    When i was setting up my hostname i think its called i called it: and pointed it to my ip.

    But when looking trough tutorials. It seems i entered my local ip where i should have entered my intnet ip?.

    Which ip should go here?

    Thanks in advance

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    A further problem is i do not see where to change it. Hmm..

    I have tried Site Management --> Site Settings, although it canot be edited from their.
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    If from your pervious thread you should have the following :

    Local IP : on the Cobalt
    WAN IP ( public IP ) : on the router

    Considering that you have a static IP address from your ISP, you will need to point your DNS "A Records" to the WAN IP of your router.

    The router will then do the rest of the things like forwarding various services to your server.

    You will need a domain host that allows you to setup your DNS records and not just allow you to specify the nameservers. ( This is VERY important, I had countless subscribers that did not understood this and need to get another IP address to run their own DNS )

    If you are running the RaQ4 OS, then the initial site's IP address needs to be modified on the network settings I think.
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    I have it all up and running now.

    if you go to:

    You will notice thats the default page.

    Althouh, i did create a virtual site, and that is redirecting to ns1 also .. Annouther problem.

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