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    A large webhosting business is for sale ($500,000)

    A large shared web and VPS Business hosting business located in Europe is for sale.

    We intend to start a payment processing business in Europe in collaboration with a major bank. We are not desperate to sell as our web
    business is highly profitable, but we would prefer to free our partners and staff to concentrate on this new venture.

    Business was running for 3 years in total. We provide different services:
    Shared, Unix/Windows,
    Tomcat shared/private,
    VPS and partly dedicated.

    The company is largely automated with a huge amount of business processes running. All problems encountered are described and manuals how to
    fix them are available.

    The average growth is 120 accounts per month. New customers are mostly referrals by a word of mouth. If business continues as present in the
    company we predict a minimum growth of 1000 customers during the next year.

    All customers pay via Protx (real merchant processing), 2Checkout and wire transfer.

    Account renewal rate is very high since we offer quality support and most of our customers are very happy with the service.

    Note all numbers are as of 04/10/2006

    The following is included:

    - 2200+ Active Customers (hosting over 10,000 domains on 10 Co-located Servers and10 VPS Servers)
    - 10 Hosting Business domain names
    - Enom Reseller Account ($8.95/domain) with over 200 domain names
    - Godaddy account with 1000+ domain name registered
    - SSL Certificates used for secure server access and shared SSL for customers


    - Currently we are using 2 Modernbill leased installs
    - Windows server license
    - Configured Nagios monitoring system (Monitors all servers and services running with custom alarm levels -
    - Configure Bacula backup system (allows restoring any file at a given date -
    - MSSQL server license
    - Plesk for Windows (with all modules) owned license
    - control panel (600 account pack)
    - 3 single CPU and 6 double CPU Virtuozzo licenses (all 100 VPSes packs)
    - 5 Cpanel leased Cpanel licenses (at least 6 month to expire each)
    - unlimited accounts server license
    - 4 class C IP ranges (1024 IP addresses). These will be transferred to you or your backbone provider.
    - Custom FAQ zone for layer 1 and layer 2 support that covers possible troubles clients may face. This was prepared by us over a 3 years
    period and helps significantly reduce support tickets.

    Retail Value: $50,000

    All servers are protected against DOS, DDOS, Hacks, SPAM, etc by very carefully and fine tuned software configuration (ipfw, iptables,
    mod_sec, mod_dos). This type of configuration can not be purchased somewhere, but can come only after a several man years of work in an active
    business environment. Attacks such as: syn flood, phpbb hacks, /var execution, etc. are prevented. Against DDOS we use a Nokia hardware
    firewall, which can handle 100 Mbit/sec traffic.

    - Dell 1750 (5 pcs) dual 2 x 2.8 GHz Xeon, 4 GB RAM, 2 x 147 GB ultra SCSI harddisks
    - Dell 1850 (3 pcs) dual 2 x 2.8 GHz Xeon, 4 G RAM, 2 x 147 GB hardisks
    - Dell 750 (1 pce) dual 2.8 GHZ Xeon, 4 G RAM, 120 GB hardisks
    - Dell 2650 - dual 2 x 2.8 GHz Xeon, 6 G RAM, 4 x 74 GB SCSI RAID
    - Supermicro 2U dual 2 x 2.8 GHz Xeon, 4 G RAM, 5 x 73 G Raid
    - 3COM switch 50 ports
    - Foundry network Fastiron Switch 24 port
    - Lightwave communication SCS 1620 Remote serial over IP
    - Nokia Hardware firewall

    - 2 x Rackmount ATX Blades S100 with 10 servers each
    Pentium 4 2.8 GHZ - 3 GHZ CPU, 4G RAM, 1 or 2 * 120 G harddisks

    - KVM Switches, 8 ports with KVM (4 pcs concatenated to 32 ports)
    - KVM over IP (Megarac K-1)
    - Remote "Webreboot" for 8 machines
    - P4 2.8 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB disk workstation (data center PC)

    Value: $120,000

    Hardware can be monitored and managed at a distance (KVM over IP + Nagios)
    Remote restart of servers is also automated, so you do not need to rely on data center personnel.


    - 2 ModernBill Leased Licenses $44.91/month
    - 5 Cpanel Licenses for Colo Server 420 USD per year (20% discount)
    - Full rack rent in a local data center (100 Mbit/sec full duplex, average 70% usage) - $2200 per month.
    - Advertising ($1000 monthly in pay per click ads)

    Total: ~3500 USD

    As we maintain several other projects, there is no staff directly assigned to hosting as personnel is shared among our projects. Due to the
    high degree of automation the company needs no more than 3 people to run it.

    Customers Break Down :

    - 500 VPSes totaling monthly income of $13'000 - $14'000 per month
    - 1600 shared accounts totaling $12'000 - $13'.000 per month
    - 112 resellers with 10-20 accounts hosted
    - 2 Dedicated server customers ($840 per month)
    - 10 windows hosting accounts - $1'000 in sales during the first month. We have just started this as a new venture and have not yet actually
    invested heavily in it. The Web site has a innovative new branded design with Plesk 7.6 server and includes the cold Fusion addon. It has a
    huge potential and with some work will become very profitable.

    Average per Month Income: $26.000 USD

    Terms of sale

    We are looking for $500'000 USD. We require a $20'000 deposit within 24 hours acceptance of purchase, and balance paid in 2 payments (One
    payment of 50% of the balance 15 calendar days after deposit is made, and remainder paid 30 days after deposit). We would prefer to sell the
    complete company with hardware, websites, domain names, etc.

    We will provide assistance for 1 month after a purchase of the company. In addition, we will refer all customers from our new venture
    (payment processing) to your company. If required, we will sign a non-competition agreement for the web hosting business.

    For a NDA, please submit a request to [email protected] with the following information:

    Your name:
    Company name:
    Website URL:
    Phone number:

    This information is required only to prevent uninterested parties from contacting.

    We are looking only for serious offers from solvent buyers. Please do not contact us if you are not funded for this purchase.

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