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    Question Needed: a fine CMS with user-friendly navigation

    After endless hours of reviewing & testing different CMS systems I have come up with the conlusion that no one seems to have written a common sense CMS.
    Not for techies, but for ordinary users who want their professionally-styled website not only to present their company, but also to make money!

    When I ask for recommendation most say "Mambo-Jambo" is the greatest...." So far I see that all "Mambo-Jambo" (e.g. Mambo/Joomla) sites are identical, hard to customize unless you have good programming skills, etc.....

    What I am looking for:

    1) CMS with 2nd level or 3rd level navigation menu, like the one on:
    a) Youtube,
    b) Lycos Spain,

    2) Bread crumbs (a.k.a. pathway)

    3) Banner management (I want to be able to insert banners in standard formats on the fly, and be able to track statistics)

    4) Multiuser access (different users, non-techies, to be able to access CMS admin panel to post articles, check statistics, etc.)

    5) Customizeable feedback forms

    6) Integrated webshop (optional)

    7) Multilanguage sites (optional)

    Would highly appreciate any comments.

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    I would suggest Xoops or Drupal to handle your needs if your are looking at open source.

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    yes xoops is a very good cms i use it on alot of my sites and have no problems.

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    I don't recommend drupal if you have no decent programming skills. The problem is most open source CMS don't have a business audience, thats why you get crap like Mambo.

    And most the onces who do target business are or paid or you need do a lot yourself.

    Anyway I recommend "CMS Made Simple" I use it for business clients. Also with a bit of practice you can transfer almost all html templates and navigations to it.

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    Maybe you should try Etomite and there are many ported themes from Open Web Design. If you go through the front page demo and then go to templates, you may see something you like.
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    Have a look at the CMS at - it's a commercial CMS that you can build your own way

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    I use XOOPS.
    With the XLanguage Module, I'm running 4 languages on my site.
    The group management system allows you to give specialized admin access.
    They have banners.
    Liase module lets you do customized forms.
    Multimenu module lets you do 2nd level nav.

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