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    Totally Unique Professionally Designed Website

    [PM for URL] -

    It's a crazy and wacky confessional website that is the rage at the moment. Try the website out. Make a confession yourself. Let off some steam or have a rant - you'll be amazed how good you feel afterwoods. There are some risque adverts - if you offend easily, don't look at this website (it isn't a porn site).

    Totally unique

    Website is approx 4 months of age and the domain is with Namecheap (free push).

    Traffic - has been growing steadily. 427 uniques already for October. 767 uniques for September - Email me for a snapshot of the stats.

    Bandwidth very little

    Sale includes - Website, Domain, PSD Files and full resell rights to the script. This isn't a turnkey site as I own the script and had it developed, so it is a one of a kind.

    Website has an admin for deleting listings or comments even though I have never had to. The wackier the confession the more people like it.

    Reason for selling. Have too many sites to give this any time at all so I am off loading a few to concentrate on 3 sites.

    The website has PHPadnews built-in - This amazing script allows you to upload adverts to Zones without any hassle. You can rotate 10 or 20 adverts through a zone and decide how often you want an advert to appear. The script emails me weekly all the stats from the adverts so that you can get rid of the underperforming affiliates.

    REVENUE - Don't know as I have all revenue pooled. For the benefit of the sale, assume none, but my biggest performing ad is the fleshlight adverts and I get regular sales from these.

    PRICE: BIN $275
    Will consider offers and will accept any offer I consider OK as I want a fast sale so don't hold back-

    Payment: via Paypal or Moneybookers. Auction closes in two days.

    - Any queries, don't hesitate to ask. This site has enormous potential and will continue to grow naturally. You can also make money selling the rebranded script. In selling, I relinguish any rights to the script.

    NOTE: THIS SITES WAS PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED - I run an advertising/design business in Australia and along with a lot of Marketing and Advertising work, I/we create large websites professionally for a living. These and my other websites were created for fun so bid with confidence as you won't see A COPY of this site out there like a lot of others that are sold - IT'S A ONE-OF-A-KIND and no more will be sold or copies sold as well.
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