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    Help / steps to setting up a merchant account

    My friend says he can hook me up with a merchant account, one of which that I want to use for a shopping cart to sell cds/dvds through a website.

    What are the steps to take between having a merchant account, and setting up an online form where people can type in their information and be charged for purchases?

    I know that it involves attaching the merchant account to an internet gateway, is that correct? If so, what information would I need from the merchant account to give to the gateway?

    From there, I'd need a shopping cart / form script that (if configured with the gateway) sends in the transactions?

    Am I close? Can someone help me a little bit on making this a bit more clear?

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    Different merchant accounts take different settings to set them up. It really depends on the gateway. I'm not out to start a war about which cart is the best but osCommerce has many gateways and if it's not there by default there's probably a contribution to support that merchant gateway.


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    Alot depends on that Merchant account that your friend can set you up with.

    Most important is what Processor they're connected to. Don't mix-up processor with gateway. Gateway's like and are connected to the processors. For example, we are connected to the Vital and NOVA processors. Any merchant account that uses either of these processors is compatible with our gateway service. is compatible with at least 6 different processors.

    Once you've determined which gateway you can/want to us, then you'll want to find a shopping cart software that works with the gateway. As the previous post recommends, I too recommend osCommerce. It works with most gateway's.

    Additionally, many/most merchant accounts require that your website has the following information posted on the website. Your friend has probably already notified you of these requirements.

    . privacy policy
    . returns policy
    . pricing of products

    Hope this helps.
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