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    managed server or managed service?

    I am looking for a new server, hoping it is more secure.

    so, there are two options:

    1) managed server,
    2) unmanaged server and hire outsourced managed service.

    Any body familar with them? any one may suggest which option is better? I am afraid option 1 will be expensive than option 2 from the point of cost. right?

    Any ISP or managed service provider has good DDos/attack prevent and rescue service?

    thanks for any 2 cents.

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    Here is what I did:

    I got a server from (unmanaged) and then get server admins from

    Both providers are good. Costs comes to a little more than the managed server but I get more dedication from my server admins because they are more focused on my server.

    Worked for me. Can work for you too. ;o)
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    Having a managed server is rather a safe thing and having less problems but you spend more money on it. One has to pay for everything.
    Surely you may do so as did but you have to be a very well experienced person in it.

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    Managed server is the way to go since outsourced companies dont have access to your server phisicaly and can hard reboot it if neccessary and for a few other reasons
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