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    Complete incentive site with custom script

    For sale is a complete incentive site, fully developed with a custom script and a custom design.

    If you do a search for it here, it was for sale a long while ago but the site was attacked by one of the support workers and we had to dump the entire userbase. Since then, without any advertising (I had not even opened the site in months) I happened to be checking my publisher account, and lo and behold - it had made $70 without even a whisper of promotion.

    I don't have the time or the drive to work on this, but it has huge potential and a lot of time was invested in this project.

    So, heres the numbers. Its made about $250 between actual leads and small advertisements on the bottom of the page. Users are still actively completing offers, and thanks to the custom script, they post to the users accounts instantly without any intervention - it runs itself

    The domain name is registered for two years at Netfirms domain names.

    There are no outstanding obligations nor anyone near cashout. Its a tremendous oppertunity for anyone who wants to have a dabble into the thriving incentive market.

    It also includes an Automatic/realtime crediting script for the publisher network's postback/closed loop reporting system.

    Before the clearout of users, it had more then 300 unique, fully verified registered users (username, email, st address, full info) signed up in about a months time. Since the clearout, its gained about 15 new users completing offers.

    Traffic stats:

    Publisher account earnings:

    Payments by PayPal only, please.

    Looking for at least $250.

    Buy it now for $500 and I'll throw in a year of hosting

    This ends in a week, so October 25th, 2006 @ midnight.

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    Whats the domain name? I didnt find it in your post.

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    I was hoping that people could PM me for the domain name, but it is (very brandable )

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