My name is Aaron Wright, and I've been dabbling in design/development since 2001. I've been working with HTML, CSS, Java/ECMAScript/DOM, Photoshop, PHP, and MySQL on a daily basis since then, and feel quite capable of doing just about anything with them. My portfolio can be found at and you may contact me via WHT's private messaging system, e-mail, or offtone's contact page if you're at all interested in doing so.

I'm mostly interested in jobs that require both design and development. Rarely do I accept offers for pure development tasks, but I will if it's interesting. I am, however, more than happy to do business cards, logos, or any other graphic-only work.

Iím passionate and obsessive about my work, and the majority of the projects Iíve taken on were redesigns of established, successful businesses or new web sites for businesses or individuals just getting started on the web. If youíre ambitious and want your image to show it, drop me a line.