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    Question help needed about - how to optimize MySQL server on my Dedicated Server! details...

    help needed about - how to optimize MySQL server on my Dedicated Server! details...

    I have purchased a server from, their guys are great.

    but the server has some problem such as a heavy load on MySQL server...

    actually the MySQL server is only loading now less than 500MB database (allogether size of 6 databases), it was working well few days ago...

    and i do not see anything change heavy from the Mysql databse,

    but ... whenever i turn on MySQL server ... then the server just become very very slow ... and CP turns into 100% immediately ...

    and staff told me that i need to upgrade a new server ...
    but as far to now, I have my site only about less than 3 months ... I had just paid for the second month for the server's fee ...

    So, please help me out of this question : how can i optimize mySQL server ...?

    My server hardware is:

    AMD 1400
    1GB RAM
    80GB HD plus another 80GB HD
    100 Mbit Port
    Unmetered Transfer
    Windows 2003 and plesk CP

    i am currently hosting with only 4 sites,
    only one site has about more than 2000 visitors daily,
    others just as new sites ....
    so, please help me ASAP.

    Thank you very much!

    best regards!


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    Check the Dedicated Server tutorials, it's a subsection to the Dedicated server forum..lots of stuff there about optimization
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    thanx, Caro

    i had checked .... but i do not really see it there!

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    Hire a pro and stop wasting your time.

    Here is nobody can help you to optimize server without login and inspect everything INSIDE of the server.

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    Have you made any changes to the my.ini file in windows?
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    I know i had a similar issue awhile back, worked it all out for me, and did it super cheap.

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