I have acquired an account with the new Jazzyhost. My web site is bilingual: English & (traditional) Chinese. But the html editor of the File Manager in the cpanel keep having problem "recognizing" the decimal unicode (for Chinese characters) that I input.

Here's the repeated situation: When I first input the decimal unicode in the html editor, the code comes out alright in the editor & the Chinese characters come out alright on my webpage. But the next time I log into the editor again, all the codes turn into incomprehensible symbols & so do the Chinese characters on my webpage. The weirdest thing is, everytime I log into the editor, the incomprehensible symbols would multiply by doubling themselves, if I haven't delete them the previous time.

Jazzyhost keep saying that there isn't any problem at the server end, & asks me to check my end. But my browser can view Chinese pages normally. So I'm stuck!

Has anybody enncountered, or does anybody know anything about, this kind of problem?