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    Thumbs up * 35% OFF * DOUBLE Disk * Panel Included | 256 MB RAM | 20 GB HD - $29.22

    Select Solutions ( is offering a limited time only 35% OFF AND DOUBLE DISK SPACE on all VPS packages listed at for the entire life of the account. Please use coupon code WHT35OFF to receive this limited special offer. There is no official end date for this limited offering.

    Features included with every VPS package:
    • 24/7 Managed Services (See Below)
    • FREE Setup
    • FREE Cpanel-WHM / Plesk / DirectAdmin
    • FREE Fantastico De Luxe (Cpanel/WHM only)
    • FREE Installatron (DirectAdmin Only)
    • FREE PowerPak (Plesk Only)
    • FREE Virtuozzo Power Panel
    • Daily Backups
    • Full Root Access
    • Dual Core Xeon Woodcrest Processors (4 core total)
    • CentOS 4 Environment (Other operating systems available upon request)

    Add-Ons available for each package (prices shown are monthly):
    • RVskins: $1
    • ClientExec: $5
    • Block of 4 IPs: $4
    • Block of 10 GB disk space: $5
    • Prepurchased 10 GB bandwidth: $5
    • Prepurchased 100 GB bandwidth: $25
    • 10 GB Remote Backup Space (See Below): $5

    Level 1-VPS
    $29.22 monthly
    10 GB Storage (20 GB with coupon)
    150 GB Premium Data Transfer
    256 Guaranteed RAM
    3 IPs
    ORDER at using coupon code WHT35OFF

    Level 2-VPS
    $42.22 monthly
    20 GB Storage (40 GB with coupon)
    300 GB Premium Data Transfer
    384 Guaranteed RAM
    4 IPs
    ORDER at using coupon code WHT35OFF

    Level 3-VPS
    $55.22 monthly
    30 GB Storage (60 GB with coupon)
    450 GB Premium Data Transfer
    512 Guaranteed RAM
    5 IPs
    ORDER at using coupon code WHT35OFF

    VPS Software:

    All of our VPS solutions run on the powerful Virtuozzo version 3 software technology. Each VPS instance is isolated from other users on the server providing a completely secure environment to host your web site. You will have full root access allowing for any software configurations desired while not affecting any other users on the server. Why wait on your hosting company to offer PHP5 or the MySQL version you've been patiently waiting for? Signup for a VPS solution now to configure the server software just the way you need it! Because your VPS account is fully managed, why not contact us to help with your software configurations!?

    Hardware Details:
    • Dual Core Xeon Woodcrest Processors (4 Cores Total)
    • 8 GB Registered ECC RAM
    • RAID 10 drive configuration for optimal redundancy and performance

    Managed Services:

    We are staffed with knowledgeable level 3 technicians available for all your needs. Let us manage software installs and upgrades to free up your valuable time. We're available 24/7 to assist you with any server software installations (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc.) or help troubleshoot server issues that are problematic server-wide.

    Remote Backup Space:

    We perform daily backups of your VPS, but if you'd like to purchase your own remote backup space, you can do so at $5 for 10 GB. You will have 24/7 access to this remote backup space via FTP, SFTP, Rsync, and SCP. Easily setup Cpanel to write to this backup space each night!

    TOS and AUP

    Our TOS/AUP can be viewed at .

    Please contact us at sales [at] with any questions about our services!

    Ping IP:
    Speed Test:
    Reference URL:

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    can current customers get this offer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by strat
    can current customers get this offer?
    The special is intended for new orders but you can contact me or sales and we'll work something out for you.

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    just sent email to sales
    i want to upgrade my plan to Level3
    but i need to get this offer plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by e7lew
    just sent email to sales
    i want to upgrade my plan to Level3
    but i need to get this offer plz
    No problem, just mention that you saw the post on WHT and we'll take care of you.

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