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    a little advice needed.


    So im heading over to the datacenter tomorrow where i am colocating my server and im going to be switching from windows 2003 to Debian and I just want to make sure i have everything i need for this quest.

    Something i have noticed about myself is that when something CAN go wrong.. it usualy does so i want to plan for everything.

    With me i will be bringing the ethernet drivers, debian iso cd and a bunch of trouble shooting papers in case i run into some problem..

    Now i know there are many many more experience people on this forum that have done this thousands of times so i would like to have you suggestions on any little extras i should be bringing with me. Anything i should look out for.

    Anyway, Id like to thank you all for taking the time to read this and help me with my little adventure


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    I believe in the co-location forum there is a thread that has a huge list of datacenter toolboxes .

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