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    Mysql On Windows 2003 Server - Are we in for trouble?


    Was wondering if you can provide feedback for mysql on a
    win2003 server setup that I am planning?

    Also - any tips as the provider is currently configuring server and
    will install but will attemt to do even though they dont support it.

    In your honest opinion - if you had to run mysql db server for
    critical services and fast reads/writes
    - will you equally consider it on a win2003 server as you will on a linux box?
    If linux was the choice - what shall we expect in terms of problems of
    running mysql o windows?

    Are we in for trouble?

    Appreciate your input - as its something I need feedback from the pros
    to finalize decisions.

    If it will work safe and sound - then I can relax as I wont need to spend more for another dedicated linux box....


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    Should have no issues with MySQL on Windows, I run it fine on Windows and Linux.

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