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    Recommendations for hefty host

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a pretty hefty host. I need a large amout of bandwidth per month -- 600gb+ and a good chunk of storage -- 30gb+ (more as content increases). Linux hosting with php/mysql (10+ db's) and 5+ addon domains, ftp access, ssl, backups (daily or weekly), and great support (24h telephone or online tech).

    As far as billing goes, I'd prefer something up to $60 (max) per month, but if need be I can stretch it a bit.

    Would anyone know of any reliable hosts that would match the above requirements ?

    Thanks in advance ,

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    I'd suggest having a look at high-end VPS' or low-end dedicated servers with those kind of requirements. However, I'm not sure if you can find something decent at the pricepoint that your looking at.
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    As mripguru said, for those requirements and for something reliable, I believe you should increase your budget (closer to $100).

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    you can get Server if you add $10/m

    You can get with layeredtech, There lot host who have there server with them and we have few server with them too. Will known is WHT.

    * AMD Sempron 2600
    * 80GB IDE Hard Drive
    * 512MB DDR RAM
    * Bandwidth: 1500GB
    * IP Addresses: 8 (5 usable)
    * Private VLAN
    * Basic Resource Monitoring
    * FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows*
    * 100% Self Managed and Dedicated

    Monthly Fee Options:

    $70 | $19 Setup
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    Certainly looks like VPS, semidedicated or dedicated territory, especially if your sites are heavy on php and mysql. If you decide on a dedicated, keep in mind that anything close to your current budget will be unmanaged, so either you or your associates (if any) must be able to do that. Either that, or add some $$ for server management.

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    hosting server

    hmm, allow me to ask some details for better evaluation.

    Is the contents mostly static or many dynamic contents ?
    Are you using rewrite functions, proxy etc. or only a basic apache ?
    Which languages do the scripts use (if any) ?
    How many concurrent users/sec for the apache and/or per DB ?
    10x DB should be split over several HDD for optimal performance *or in memory tables

    Is this kind of a community side (member based ) ? - that would explain the amount of data very nicely.
    Keep in mind that the backups can put quite some stress on the IO system.

    From what I imagine the bottleneck will be the HDD and the memory, but I assume you are good at tuning ;-) ?

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    VPS or Dedicated. You can get a decent server for under $100.
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    Thanks for the input fellas. I will certainly look into VPS and Dedicated solutions .

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