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    help me changing nameserver

    Hi, I wanna change the nameservers of my dedicated box. Suppose my current nameservers are and, and I'd like to change it into and How do I do that (I'm using cpanel)? Is it possible changing the nameservers without affecting other sites on the server?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Just add the two new name servers - without removing the old ones.

    After the new name servers are setup and resolved, you can change the accounts to use the new name servers.

    When everything is moved, then delete the old ones if you want.

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    So from WHM > BasicWHM/cPanel setup, I have to add the new nameservers into tertiary and fourth nameserver, change accounts nameservers, then just replace the primary and secondary with tertiary and fourth nameserver, right?

    But when I try to add A entry for the new nameservers I always got "Cannot determine ip" message. (I gave different IP for each nameserver)

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    yeah you can set them up in 3rd and 4th slots then assign your designated IPs to them - make sure you update your Bind (ugh) and have the latest release updated too

    then as soon as the primary and secondary flush their TTLs and the cache time expires, your new ns will resolve as the authoritative answer - pm me or call if you want me to walk you through it

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