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    cpanel transfer, account missing

    In the list of account during the multiple transfer process there is an account that is missing, not listed. It happens to be the main site on the server. Any ideas?

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    What happens if you just transfer that single account over?
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    why dont move account using SSH, It much easy and faster. I have some issue with cpanel before. if account is big then 500MB it does not work.
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    i'm not sure how to transfer via ssh sorry

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    Check the entries in these file:


    If all the entries are present, then go to this path:


    In this folder there will a file with the username of the domain's control panel. Check for the dns entries in that file. The dns entry may start from X. For e.g.

    Remove the X and then save the file and then restart cpanel.

    If the entries are missing again, then run this script:


    This should work fine for you.

    Thank you.


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