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    Need advice about file hosting server configration


    I have a file hosting site i host it in a deticared server with some other sites.

    but now it is making a heavy load on the server , a normal page need about 5 minuts or more to load!. but the CPU load is only 0.2 and RAM is about 35% used.

    now i need another deticated server as soon as possible to avoid bad affict of this slow . But what apache configration is the best for this kind of website ?

    my host support told me to use lighttpd as webserver , but the problem that i am using a php mod progress bar which is not sure is it working with lighttpd or not .

    any advice please regarding this issue ?

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    apache is very bad idea for hosting site, use lighttpd its undoubtly better suited for fielhosting!

    php mod progress bar is not precise btw, also there are rummors php5.2 which will be out any week now will have a proper upload meter implementation

    and read this

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