We decided to start offering webhosting from infexious when we realized that there is little in the market for music tailored web hosting. You can create unlimited FTP accounts for you and your visitors to share music. And our burstable bandwidth system means if your site is published in the news, a mag or on a batch of flyers, you will be able to cope with the amount of traffic your site receives, unlike other hosts who would suspend your site without notice.

Our system transfers on average 20 gigabytes of data a day, and all our servers are on 12.5 megabyte per second connections (which is overkill)

But our biggest selling point is that all our support staff are / have been involved in the music industry in their career. Mostly as web designers for labels and most are DJ's / musicians in their spare time.

You can trust your website will be online when your visitors want to see it. Our 99.5% money back guarantee means If your site isn't up 99.5% in any one month we will issue a full refund for the month.

We will move your site across to our servers for free, and we will also give you 100 thousand banner exposures across our network of forums, webmail, chat rooms, radio stations and collaboration platforms.


1gb storage
20gb burstable bandwidth
100,000 free advertising exposures on signup (worth over £100)
Unlimited Domains i.e yourname.com
Unlimited Email accounts
Web Mail
Unlimited E-mail Alias
Unlimited Auto Responders
Unlimited Mailing Lists
Catch Alls
Spam Assassin
Mail Forwarding
IMAP Support
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited mySQL db
No advertising, no mention of infexious (even in the address)
Fantastico De Lux - install 50 scripts at the click of a button
24/7 support
99.5% Money back uptime guarantee . If your site isn't up 99.5% in any one month we will issue a full refund for the month.
Instant Backups
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free / Instant Setup
PHP4 or 5
Image Magick
Streaming Audio/Video
Latest cPanel - Controll Panel Demo Login info: demo / demo
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
Custom Error Pages
Instant Blogs
Instant Portals
Instant PHPnuke
Instant Forums
Instant Guestbook
Instant Counter
Instant FormMail
Redirect URL
Web Based File Manager
PW Protected Directrories
AWStats (Real Time Updates)
Raw Log Manager
Referrer Logs
Error Logs
Agora Cart
Cube Cart

We have 10 staff fully trained offering support on a 24 hour schedule.

1 month £2.99
6 months £13.99
12 months £23.99