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    * Boosted Cobalt Server w/200GB HDD + Unmetered going cheap!

    Upgraded with CentOS4, the Cobalt RaQ4 server can now out perform what its original designers set it off to do!
    Breaking the known set limit if 137GB*, we at GalacNet are now able to deliver to you storage of 200GB!

    Cobalts RaQ3/4 are great to be deployed as a low cost solution to serving as Backup, DNS, email, mirrors or even hosting of small to medium size websites.

    We have only 1 of such unit available for deployment at this time. So hurry before its taken up

    Details of Original Sale as follows :
    Sale Advertising Poster
    - 20GB Harddisk ( Around 13GB Usable )
    - 256mb RAM
    - Unmetered Bandwidth
    - OS : Original Cobalt RaQ4
    Base Price : $35/mth (1IP)

    Due to the pre 3rd Anniversary sale, we are able to upgrade your server from the above to this :-

    - 20GB + 200GB HDD configuration
    - 512mb RAM
    - Unmetered Bandwidth
    - OS : CentOS4 only
    - 1IP addresses

    For ONLY $50/mth!

    Harddisk will be setup as follows :-
    2GB - /
    13G - /var
    2GB - /tmp
    2GB - /workbin
    200GB - /home ( actual usable around 174~184gb )

    Also get DirectAdmin setup on your server for either USD$100 one time or $20/mth!
    Getting DirectAdmin will entitle you to 2IP addresses instead of 1 so you can run your DNS services.

    Other additional valued services provided to all GalacNet Subscribers include:
    1) Free hard reboot requests
    2) Free Local CentOS4 mirror for fast updates downloading

    For further information or purchasing please contact me at [email protected] either via email, pm or MSN messenger
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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    test ip, pls.

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    For a ping test, please try either OR

    These are both Cobalt RaQs but results would differ according to your distance from the server.
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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