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    I'm currently with ************* - I like their price but I'm beginning to tinker with MySQL and PHP and I'd like some more space, bandwith, and more e-mail options.

    I'm considering's basic plan for 10/month which is about as much as I want to pay for Web hosting right now.

    Is a good company? If so/not are there any other companies I should be looking at where I could get a similar package for a similar price?

    What are some good host comparison sites?

    Forgive all my questions, I'm relatively new to the hosting game - I'm just running a personal site right now with my resume and stuff, but I'd eventually like to develop a Web app on it with PHP and MySQL and maybe also turn it into a portal site for my family.

    Thanks in advance,

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    As far as I believe my host is with ImHosted so I think I'll contribuite to this one.

    Anyway, Imhosted are very good, although I sometimes have trouble installing ikonboard, newspro and phpBB. vBulleting also does not work as far as I know My site had a problem one day where all the forums on it went down because the MySQL screwed up, although it hasn't happened again. Apart from that there has been 2 other small miner problems, but they where short and not even worth bring up really.

    Apart from that its been doing great for me.


    ANother little story you may wana know;

    May mate recently joined there standard plan. He was ment to get a domain, and kept getting in touch with there support such as phoning them, emailing them and instand messaging them because his domain hadn;t been registered.

    About 14 days later they finaly got back to him and out of all the problems as they said to him is that the email support was down. They said nothing about anybody signing into AIM nor did they said anything about the reason why nobody answered his phone calls.

    In the end, which was just over 2 weeks later, all they did was give him ever space and bandwidth.

    Anyway, I hope this is all the info your need to know, but there support is ment to be fixed by now.

    Otherwise, you may wana try

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