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    can any webhost host an international domain?

    Just wondering, can any webhost host an international domain (like or do some of them restricted to only .com .net etc.?

    also a quesion about billing - Is it possible to set an auto monthly billing subscription for a CC, or is it only possilbe with PayPal, and with CC only I'd have to manually add funds each month?

    And one last thing, is there any webhost that you recommend that can offer these two things I'm looking for at a good rate? I'm looking for basic hosting - about 200mb of space and 2GB of bandwith, as I'd be starting from scratch,


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    As far as I know, the only major difference between TLD's are price. Some international domains require you to have a physical address in the country, but if you can register the domain with a company like GoDaddy you should be able to host it with any host. Some hosting companies have a merchant account, which allow them to bill you monthly. -
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    I don't think anyone has actually talked about but they offer a different concept of webhosting. You literally pay for what you use. Pay a deposit of 25 cents and you can host with them. Then $1 for every GB you use, which means you don't have to pay $1 every month. ie. If you use 100mb transfer the first month then you would pay 10cents for bandwith. Plus $0.01 per every megabyte/month. No contracts whatsoever. Maybe it mightbe what you are looking for.
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    I do not know of any restrictions for a webhost to host international domains. If you can register the domain, the webhost can host it.

    Most merchant and 3rd party credit card processor can set up auto monthly billing.

    200mb and 2gb is very common package so a lot of webhosts can provide that. Go for the better ones if you have the budget.
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    It can be hosted anywhere - though a number of TLDs have special requirements, such as having a physical address in the country, physical signatures on forms, etc. There are many hoops to jump through to sometimes get the domains registered, but once they are, they can be hosted anywhere.

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    1. you just need to update DNS for your domains, then it can be fine with your host. We have hosted many international domains (.com, .net...) and national domains (.vn, .ca, .za, .in...) without any trouble

    2. the automation depends on how the host sets up. But again nothing wrong to have recurring payment by credit card

    3. you should state more details of your requirements: platform? prefered control panel? any special requirement beside disk space and bandwidth?

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    Yes, any host can host international domains, there are some restriction depending of the NIC of each country (some countries request you to register the host nameservers on the database too), but that's not a limitation of the host, but from the domain itself

    Yes, is possible to set it, but that depend of which billing system does the host use.

    Do you have a budget in mind?
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    Certain international registrars (e.g. DENIC) require that the webhost's nameserver IPs are not in the same Class C address space. Many small hosts and most resellers will not be able to meet this requirement, and you would need to use a 3rd party DNS service in order to be able to point your domain to their servers. Just something to keep in mind.

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