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    Embedding Flash Movie (Hiding Portions)


    I need some help in embedding a flash movie. For e.g, if the original height of the movie is 400 (pixel) and width is 500 (pixel) then the code is likely to be this one :

    <embed src=''file.swf" width=500 height=400></embed>

    And I noticed that if I put 300 intead of 400 in the code (in height), then the lower portion of the flash movie gets hidden. that is, the lower 100 pixels.

    Is there any way, how I can hide the upper portion of the movie too?

    Please reply.
    Fahad - a blog from a web addict

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    embed align="middle" ?
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    it didnt work. tried valign too.
    Fahad - a blog from a web addict

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    Create a DIV element with fixed width + height, set overflow: hidden; and embeed that movie within it. You can position the movie with css then (hide it or whatever you need).

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    can u pls help me with the code? I want to place the flash movie right after two lines within it.

    That is, I dont want the first two lines of the movie to appear on the screen.

    It wud be raelly very kind of you if you replywith a code.

    Fahad - a blog from a web addict

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