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    Newista Acquired By Some Logic, Inc

    Greetings from (your web hosting company).

    Today we are announcing that has been purchased by Some Logic, Inc and all hosting accounts have been assigned to Some Logic, Inc.

    How will this affect you?
    Your service has not changed.
    Your rates have not changed.
    Your support contact information will not changed.
    Your billing will not changed.
    Your TOS (terms of service) have not changed.

    You will see Some Logic, Inc. listed on your invoices, bills and credit card statements.

    We are exited about acquiring and will continue to add value to our virutal, reseller and dedicated server environments. We know that the previous owners were not able to maintain as stable of a hosting environment as you were probably expecting. We are rectifying that now. You should expect a stable environment and quick responses to helpdesk inquiries from our support staff.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

    Thank you,
    George Hubert
    President, Some Logic, Inc.

    Newista Sales
    I am glad to see that Newista is continuing to grow.
    Lets not forget that Dolay started it all, and grew it up to this point. Eventhough the last couple of months have been hectic for this company, I'm glad to see it has survived the ordeal and hopefully use this transformation in the best interest of its customers.

    Thank you Ram, and Good Luck to Newista.
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