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    Contractions People?

    Well, if you haven't noticed it, you probably don't know what they are.

    Contractions are the words such as let us, or where is, that you shorten to let's and where's, by adding an apostrophe.

    Now, not many people seem to use them anyway. I can still get at what you are saying, but when people leave them out, technically the sentence makes no sense at all.

    Even on the LOGICBOXES advertisement down the bottom it says:


    Its is referring to something owning something, but they actually mean it is.... shocking!

    It's even on TV now, and I don't think it's good for anything.

    What do you think about this?

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    I thought someone was in labor or something here...

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    I'll get some hot water and blankets. I've been through 6 of these. I'm a pro! Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Haha... I didn't think of that when writing it. Woopsies

    *water breaks*

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    I guess it's not a hot topic, haha.

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    No, incase you did not notice, most people here dont care too much about grammer. Some might, but most people don't worry about it much in a informal shoot the **** forum. But I see what you are saying, I think.

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    Yeah, because you don't use it.

    I just think it's good practice, because you don't want to use bad grammar, punctuation, etc, when you're running your company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam
    I thought someone was in labor or something here...
    Haha Nice

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    I think my reaction to incorrect contraction usage (and obviously improper grammar in general) largely depends on context. Pretty much any simple grammatical errors in a business communication leave a very bad impression of the offending business. At worst it shows ignorance, and at best it shows inattention to detail. Are those possible attributes you're looking for when looking to potentially use a company's services?

    Now, people do make mistakes from time to time. But if it's something that's recurring throughout a website/document it gets to be extremely irritating to people who know some basic grammar (again, speaking in terms of 'official' communication from a business).

    In terms of less formal communication such as forums and instant messaging (and to a lesser extent email) it's not such a huge deal. People make mistakes when typing things in a hurry. Some people might simply not know that they're making a grammatical error (maybe English isn't his/her first language?). Others simply don't care in such an informal setting and will purposely not use apostrophes because it'll save them a keystroke (the laziness excuse).

    In the end though written communication is a pretty powerful thing, and any obvious incorrect usage usually leaves a rather negative impression (whether justified or not) so it's in a company's best interest to make sure that everything is correct. - Keep track of, show off, and review your stuff!

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