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    Perm. Banner on PR4 site pr4 we call it web2.0 advertising site.

    All the banner can be perm. if nobody bid a higher price than you.

    Now the top one has been there for 5 months only paid $20, you can get the top one if you pay $21. anyone can get a perm. banner by $8 now.

    Why we call it perm. link, when it is expired (all the top10 is higher than you),your link will be listed richerman pages for life which is pr3.

    BTW, if you need to put up flash banners you should pay more $8 setup fee.

    If you are interested you can bid your price here, then PM me your site detail after reading T.O.S
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    Great idea

    How many uniques do you get daily ?


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    about 100 uniques per days.

    anyone questions just let me know
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