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    server needed

    Hey, Im basically looking for a responable place to buy a dedicated server that allows IRC hosting. resonable rates on IP's if not free, I recently had an FDC server, but man hardware failures was just the beging of their problems. I need directadmin control panel. a fair amount of b/w I would say a tb a month would be fine for now. I would also like 512 -1gb of ram and atleast an 80gb hdd. If you can make an offer or know a place lemme know. Im looking to spend no more then 150-180 a month.


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    Hosts can't make offers here, but everyone can certainly provide you with recommendations.

    Check out - they have a great network and staff. Really quite top-notch for the prices.

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    977 is a competent provider with DA and IRC-allowed machines.

    Now selling BigVPS's!
    Jacksonville Colocation and dedicated servers by colo4jax
    We are *not* a reseller. We own our servers, switches, routers and racks.

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