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Thread: down?

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    142 down?

    My websites at are down and the home page is no responding?

    Any news?

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    Huh... where am I again?
    From a quick look it seems the DNS your domain is using isn't responding, hence why the domain doesn't comes up. You'll need to contact your host.

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    We're having some issues right now with one of the main routers and it's failure to boot properly. Unfortunately this is affecting machines 86-97 and I assure you we're working on the problem and will have it rectified as soon as possible.

    Once everything returns to normal, Dean will send a report out to those affected. This will also be in DELTA under the announcements section (and via RSS, of course).

    I apologise again for the issue and offer you a rough ETA of 'within the hour'. I expect we'll have the router back online by that time.

    Edit: As this is the first outage since we introduced the 'Double Your Money' SLA 9 months ago, Dean will also include information on how to have that credit applied to your account.

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