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Thread: Some templates

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    Some templates

    Hi. I made an ok looking template just recently and was wondering how much I could get for it. It's not my best work at all I think, but would still be cool if I could get something for it. I'll start the bidding off at $50 with increments of $5. pm/email or post in this thread about the bids and pleas egive me any suggestions you may have. The reason I don't think it looks that good is because the "content filling" in the middle doesn't fit in with the rest of the design just now. The template is at

    You get all the usual stuff with this template, including the .png files and minor modifications and I can also make a logo for not too much money.

    Also I'm going to be selling the template so if you can make me offers for that. Ofcourse I will modify it and turn it into a hosting kind of template or whatever you want. I'm just practically saying I can make you a similar(not same) kind of personal template with that. please give me your offers for that.

    Lastly, I'm putting on sale too. I think this is worth more than the other 2 and I will only sell this if I receive a good offer, just trying my luck.

    If you like these examples and you want me to do something for you then also please get in touch. I'm working on a pretty neat unique kind of design just now, which I would love to develop into a full site for a hosting company. Again please get in touch if you are intrested.

    Please contact me at
    email:[email protected]
    aol: zubairahmed1984
    msn [email protected]

    Thanks for your time.

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    Nice work Zuby

    Professional, new style , great colors .

    Should sell with no problems, I think

    Best wishes
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    nice work man, best of luck. :-)

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    Hmmm anything coming!!
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    Wow. Great templates!

    Hope you sell them all.

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    Hi guys. Well I've sold the first one, but not the other 2 yet. Any offers at all?


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