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    * ACH/EFT/e-check vs. Credit Card/Paypal

    Anyone webhosts here only accept online payment via ACH e-check?

    I'm told that with ACH the merchant is only charged a flat fee (like 30 cents per transaction) and no percentage fee (like in credit card transactions). Fitness clubs use ACH all the time for recurring fees, but it seems like webhosts tend to use credit card or paypal payment. Why not ACH? It would save lots of money in fees.

    What are the pro and cons of using ACH vs. Credit Card payments?

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    Here is high amount of online check fraud and online checks has tendency to bounce back (NSF, closed account, fraud and etc) in some cases 4-5 business days AFTER transactions - so, webhosts (like us) simple gave up with ACH.

    With credit cards it's instant - you got transaction code and ready to setup account.

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