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    ken lay conviction vacated

    if you haven't considered chapter 7 bankruptcy, maybe you should.
    eliminate your debt, keep the property you want, most people qualify.
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    Makes sense. He's dead and can't defend himself.

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    While it makes sense, it REALLY ****s a lot of people. It means the court can't enforce any restitution and just further hurts the massive amounts of people that got hosed.

    I don't know the whole thing, but the first thought it now his will takes over, and that the estate can be managed by whoever the executor of the will is. I'd guess the money would be quickly moved around and make it much harder to retrieve, if not impossible.

    The judge didn't have much choice since precident was already set, but it's a shame.
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    Not surprising there given how problematic the U.S. legal system is here. He was convicted, end of story.

    Unfortunately, for the victims of this , this means that nothing will be taken from Lay's estate unless it's won in a civil suit, and that's going to take a great deal more time.
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