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    addon / redirect

    Something (bug) in cpanel (nothing new in cpanel)

    Have a main domain setup on the account. Added an addon domain. Want the MAIN domain to redirect to another link within the same main domain. >>

    it works, but it causes the addon domain to redirect to that link also. It should now.

    Anyone know about this?

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    This is not working (404)

    Redirect /index.html

    This is not working either

    Redirect /

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    I need help on this...maybe a bug?

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    A few questions:

    What is the local path to the main domain?
    What is the local path to the addon domain?
    Where is the .htaccess with the redirect located?
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    Local path to main domain would be the default /home/user/public_html

    Local to addon is /home/user/public_html/addondomainfolder

    .htaccess is in /home/user/public_html

    .htaccess in root shows

    Redirect permanent /index.html

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    This is aggravating! is redirecting to main.doma

    I deleted all instances of the addon from /var/cpanel/users, named.conf, httpd.conf, etc. and re-added it fresh. I deleted .htaccess file and redid the MAIN domain redirect via cpanel as to

    now the main redirects fine, but addon STILL redircects to main domain???

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