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    NeLogic Technologies is for SALE

    We are exiting the web application business. NeLogic is the developer of NePHP CMS (currently on 5.xRC). We are selling NeLogic which includes the company site, domain, intellectual property (all product source code and rights to it)

    - NePHP
    - NeDIC
    - txtSQL (Emulating SQL using flat-text database)

    Why are we for sale?
    We have not have enough time and resources to keep NeLogic running as my health has not been very stable.

    Who uses nePHP?
    Sites such as, and, uses nePHP.

    Sale Price ?
    I'm not looking for big money, the only thing i want is for the new owner to take care of the current customers. PM me an offers or email me at [email protected]

    Thank You

    Note : please direct all questions to my email or PM
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    PM me more info including asking price range. Thanks.
    God Bless American Web Hosting Industry

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