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    New OpenSource Control Panel!

    I am working on a new control panel, that is completely OpenSource. The scope of the project expands past just control panel stuff, but for starters this will be the first phase of the project.

    I have some of the application already written, and am working on bringing some people on board to finish it to the point that I can start offering it publically. What I am looking for is anyone who has graphics, html, css, php, linux, apache, mysql, or other technological skills they would like to contribute, then please PM me here.

    A project site is under development at the moment, so check back soon for a link. In the mean time I am hoping there is enough interest in this to at least warrant all the time, money and effort I have invested thus far.


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    Is it aimed at Linux or Windows or Both (I hope both)?

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    The initial release will just be for Linux, however the Windows one will soon follow.

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