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    [WANTED] PHP Programmer For Small Project

    Hello Programmers!

    I am looking for someone who can code a small script for me. This is a fairly small project - do the job right and on time will lead to possible work on much bigger projects with more pay.

    Seeking someone to create a coupon management system. Some basics:
    - Single user (store user/pass in a variable)
    - Some database functionality
    - Image manipulation will be needed

    Basically it flows as so:
    - User logs on -> Inputs pre determined text field -> stores to database

    Easy right? Well the tricky part is this:
    - I will supply you with a premade image template. You must be able to program a page where when loaded, the data from the latest entry in the database must be integrated into the image (this is where image manipulation comes in).

    Serious programmers only - this is a paid project, no time for play. Will need this done soon.

    PM me if interested, with price/rates, turnaround time, and links to previous work. Thank you.

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    Position has been filled. Please close thread.

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